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Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs To Use Social Media When Recruiting Employees?

Did you know that an average American spends almost 3 hours a day on social media which includes your customers and you know who else is? Yes, the mechanics you want working at your shop are on social media. And yes, using social media to get you connected to these mechanics is easier, faster, and cheaper.
The best mechanics are not usually on the job boards because the best mechanics are currently employed. So the easiest way to get them informed is to be on the same platform. We need to get you in front of them instead of hoping they will stumble across you. If you want more reasons to use social media to recruit, we got you!

Time and Resources

For emerging shops, social recruitment can be a game-changer and opens a new door for gaining an audience, engaging followers, and attracting potential employees which may result in filling in the vacancies in a short time than one on one interviews and other traditional ways. It is easier to communicate with interested candidates and creates a healthy working relationship. One of the greatest benefits is that it increases visibility and is cheaper than other methods. A simple post can attract two times more people than classified ads. 

Easy and Personalize Communication

Job seekers usually give out their own thoughts so it’s a good opportunity to get in touch with them directly. Social media recruiting allows you to directly connect with the right people. Speak with potential candidates via messaging to meet their interests and demands and their response depends on your efforts, offers, and social etiquette. This helps your shop to stand out and gives the candidates the idea of your shop's transparency, values, and ethics.

Target Individuals More Effectively 

Spell out your requirements within job postings to reach the target audience or skilled candidate most suited for the roles in your shop. Narrowing down the candidate pool would help you focus on hiring the best applicants. Raise awareness of your brand by reaching out to passive candidates. These are the people who are not looking for a job and are employed. These are the most qualified individuals that can offer prosperity to your work. This makes the process of identifying and recruiting rather easy with the information provided online.  

Screen Candidates Efficiently

Unlike regular job boards, social media is an awesome source of information and data and allows you to easily do simple background checks on your potential hires. Learn more about the background of candidates by tapping into their social media profiles. 

Adapt to the Changing Environment and Market Demands

We live in an era of risk and instability. Globalization, new technologies, and greater transparency have combined to upend the recruitment environment and give many shops a deep sense of unease. But given the new level of uncertainty, many shops are starting to utilize social media. Those who thrive are quick to read and act on signs of change and have worked out how to experiment rapidly, frequently, and economically—not only with products and services but also with recruiting, processes, and strategies.  
To conclude, although there are many ways in recruiting mechanics the use of social media for auto repair shops gives far more gains than the old ways. Auto repair shops need to put up with the current trends in hiring mechanics to be able to keep up with the competitors. 

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