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Recruiting Mechanics on Facebook


Recruiting isn't easy. It's pretty tough. That’s why most shops struggle to find mechanics and end up wasting time and resources. Our mission is to help auto repair shops. We know that we are not a fit for all shops, but we still want to help. So in this blog, we will walk you through a Facebook Ad process to help you explore if you want to try it on your own first.

Be Specific

What level mechanic are you looking to hire, A, B, C? Do they need to have experience with a particular car manufacturer? ASE Certification? If you are looking to hire for multiple positions, then you need to repeat this process for each position. 
Put together a list of benefits that employment with your team will include. Of course include  salary ranges, insurances, retirement programs, but also things like working hours, uniforms provided, laundry services, discounts on parts, team bonuses, etc. When creating this document also include any expectations you may have from your employees. Be specific. Once you have listed it all out, you may realize that you have something unique to offer that can be used later on in this process.
What distances are mechanics willing to travel for work? What areas are mechanics working currently? The answers will help you determine the geographic location for your ad. 

Multiple Messages, Multiple Formats

We are targeting top talent. They may be working at another shop. They may not be actively looking for a new job. So we need to place not a single ad in front of them, but a series of ads, with varying messaging, at different times and places within Facebook.
Facebook allows for multiple ad formats. We look at using multiple formats for better ad reach. Different types of ads appear on users’ Facebook feeds and apps in different ways and places.
  • Photo Based Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Stories
  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
You will want to explore different ad placements and formats. You will want to be creative with your message. For a video ad, you could have a current employee share why they work for your shop with your busy shop behind them. 

I have the Ad, now what?

The ad should link to a simple short form asking only the initial applicant questions. If the online application is too long or not easily fillable from a cell phone, prospective mechanics will just leave the page, never to return. Get their initial information. Have a system in place automatically send the next set of questions, upon completion of the initial form. Even still, the 2nd part of the application needs to be easily completed on a cell phone.

Start the Interview with Pre-made Videos

What is the top question that you like to ask your potential mechanics? Record a video, asking the question. Upon application completion, send it to them and ask them to record and send a video reply. This will save so much time by screening out unqualified candidates from even dropping by your shop.
Next rank the candidates. Remember Be Specific? Rank the applicants based on experience and their answers to application questions.

In Person Interviews & Respond QUICKLY

After the applicant applies, there is a very short time window for you to interview and bring them onto the team. So if you have a short list of candidates, start with the top three and work your way down quickly. We're looking athey 10 day window at best. Then have an open-ended rejection letter to send to the other candidates. If you can, try to make this part of the process pre-written and easy to distribute, otherwise it will steal a lot of time from you.

What’s Next

Now that you have a new team member, it’s time to shift back to customer marketing. This is the real value in our program which handles both sides of bringing in new customers and the right staff to best care for the customers’ vehicles.

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