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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Auto Repair Shops

Maintaining a great auto repair shop and a digital marketing campaign at the same time is a lot of work.

But regardless, these two efforts are intertwined. So while you may not be familiar with key marketing tactics, using them is essential for business success.

This is especially true during a time when everyone's online. What better way to reach thousands, even millions, of people than on social media platforms where thousands of casual eyes could be viewing a single post at the same time?

So, keep reading for 5 digital marketing mistakes to avoid for auto repair shops. We'll let you know how to make the most out of your digital marketing campaign.

1. Forgetting About Your Audience

Before blueprinting your digital marketing strategy, know who your ideal audience is. Doing so will help you understand what specific messaging your campaign should convey.

The audience for auto repair shops tends to be automobile drivers. If you're a truck repair shop, you'll want to specify your target audience even more.

After knowing your campaign's audience, don't forget them. This campaign is more than just telling people about what your business is. It's an invitation for them to engage with the campaign by using the services they need.

2. Not Establishing Your Strategy

Put in the effort of cementing your digital auto shop marketing campaign strategy. Your excitement for your campaign's results should be matched with an effort to execute it thoughtfully.

What's the timeline? What platforms will you use for social media marketing? What special tactics will you often use to attract readers to the campaign?

Understand your timeline and the specifics of your campaign's strategy. Doing so will ensure that there's no scrambling or guessing during your daily campaign routine.

3. Forgetting About Your Digital Marketing Campaign

You might get very caught up in your business's day-to-day, non-digital routine. So much so that you forget about your digital marketing presence.

While that's understandable, you're still losing out on a ton of potential traffic. Online traffic to your site/blog/social media means more people paying attention to your services. That means that when those people run into car trouble, your shop's name comes to mind much more easily.

4. Not Understanding SEO or Analytics

Marketing repair services requires understanding both your repair services and marketing tactics. Though you may be great at understanding your services, learning marketing techniques will help more people know about your services.

So don't just launch your campaign and wait for results. Understand the pillars of SEO so you know the best method of actually launching your campaign. After your campaign, take a look at your analytics to understand what works and what doesn't.

5. Posting Inconsistently/Infrequently

As mentioned before, forgetting about your digital presence will only help you lose out on potential online traffic. But that doesn't mean that posting once in a blue moon is much better of a solution. Make sure that you get a return on the work that you put into your posts by timing your posts correctly.

Infrequent and inconsistent digital posts slip by people's attention. But frequent posting lets your audience know you exist and lets them understand what your business is about. Consistent posting reminds your audience of your business's presence and increases brand recognition.

Avoid These Digital Marketing Mistakes for 

Running a successful business is more than just providing the services you're passionate about. Business success also requires a knack for inspiring customers to swing by your shop. So while you should continue with your daily shop routine, add some digital tasks on top of your daily task checklist.

At Addison Auto Repair SEO & Digital Marketing, we understand the specific ails of marketing for an auto repair shop. If you'd like to work with people that understand both the Internet and the auto shop industry, check out our services today!

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