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5 Tips for Marketing Your Automotive Company

Marketing automotive repair shops or dealerships presents particular challenges.

After all, it's one thing to try to sell cereal or cosmetics. It's another altogether to sell a product or service that requires such a massive financial decision.

So we'll take a look at five tips to help you jumpstart your automotive marketing strategies. 

1. Show Yourself As an Expert

If you think that blog on your website is superfluous, think again.

Many people flock to the internet when they're either looking for a car repair or in the market for a car. If you provide plenty of powerful content on your blog, it will bring them right to your website.

For instance, you might have a weekly article called, "Ask the Mechanic," which details a specific car repair or provides a review of a particular automotive brand and model. Make them interesting enough that readers will want to share the information. 

Along with proving yourself an expert, you'll build trust. Speaking of which...

2. Utilize Customer Reviews

How many times have you asked a friend or family member if they trust their mechanic? When it comes to automotive issues, you want someone you can trust. This is where customer reviews can really help.

If you have repeat customers who stand by your services, ask them to leave a positive review on Yelp and/or Google. People searching for trustworthy mechanics will be far more inclined to use one who has plenty of positive customer reviews. 

3. Adjust Your Online Budget Based on Trends

In terms of selling cars, there are always big sales days each year. Black Friday, Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend all come to mind. You can bet your customer demographic is aware of these "holidays" as well.

So it's best practice to determine when your business will be swamped, steady, or slow, and then adjust your automotive online marketing budget based on these times. 

4. Have a Strong Web Presence

Automotive companies - and auto repair shops in particular - have been late to come to the online game. Strange, considering that the vast majority of people who want to buy, fix, or customize a car shoot straight to the internet. It clearly matters!

Whether it's getting referrals from friends on social media platforms, or Googling "auto repairs near me," without a strong web presence, your brick and mortar automotive company may as well not even exist. t

5. Place High on the SERP

If you're unfamiliar, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It's the page that pops up when you type in the aforementioned "auto repairs near me." Ideally, you want to place on the first or at least the second page to get the most clicks.  

An effective marketing strategy can help to make this happen. Which begs this final question:

Do You Need a New Automotive Marketing Strategy?

Enlisting the services of an automotive marketing agency to revamp your strategy will enable you to strengthen your web presence, place higher in searches, and build trust with the audience you need.

So contact us today to find out how we can put you in the online spotlight. 

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